Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.

Psalms 127:3

Care Caribbean Charity Inc. seeks to serve vulnerable children in the Caribbean region through the vehicle of Child Sponsorship programs. A child sponsorship program matches sponsors with children between the age of five and fifteen who are in need of support to allow them to have some of their needs met as they progress through school.

Many children are deprived of proper education because parents or guardians cannot afford school books or transportation, or cannot even afford to give the child proper nutrition which will allow them to focus on their studies.

At this point in time Care Caribbean Charity is focused on seeking sponsors in Canada, and helps vulnerable children in Guyana, South America.

The Child Sponsorship program is facilitated by Care Caribbean which works through charitable organizations in Canada and in Guyana.

Starry eyes; looking past her parents to a future that would take her to a better place, to be somebody; confident of her potential, but innocent. Not knowing that life would not allow her to move out of her box, move over the barriers that fence her circumstance, move past the gate that keeps her in; a cage of poverty that would not naturally allow her to grow as she would wish.

By ten, her spirit would have withered, like a flower that is not watered. She may be out of school, condemned to a life of emptiness; the power of her brain turned off, the potential of her will smothered.

She is ours, our daughter, our sister; out of circumstance not born in our home; yet ours.

Their education is essential. Buy a book, save a life.

One thing she had not heard, nor did she know, the whispered name of my father. This was apparent from her, and to save me from needless torture.

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